Wrongful Death

No family should have to face the unexpected death of a loved-one. 

If a family member has wrongfully suffered death due to someone else’s negligence, the personal representative of the deceased may bring suit on behalf of the family for money damages against those responsible.

Overweg v Thomas

Plaintiff was helping her husband of thirty­-nine years drive home their two vehicles. They stopped to have coffee together, then proceeded southbound on a local highway.

Another driver traveling northbound failed to maintain control of his vehicle, crossed the median, rolled into the oncoming lanes of traffic, narrowly missed impacting with the vehicle being driven by Plaintiff and collided head-on with the vehicle driven by her husband.

Plaintiff pulled over, stopped, and alighted from her vehicle to care for her husband. She was the first responder until help arrived, and remained present during the extraction of her husband from the crushed vehicle.

After prolonged litigation, the case settled.

Saucier v Shamrock North, Inc.

Plaintiff, a mother of three small children, was alone in her car returning to her home when a vehicle operated by a drunk driver at a high rate of speed impacted her car broadside.

Plaintiff was killed the result of the injuries received in the crash. The at­-fault driver was transported to hospital where he survived in critical condition until the next day. A passenger in his vehicle was treated for minor injuries, and released.

The at­-fault driver did not have a valid driver’s license and the vehicle he was operating belonged to someone else. A police investigation determined that he had been using that car, with permission, for an extended period of time.

There was evidence of horrific damage to the vehicles. A reconstruction of the collision showed massive speed at impact. In the wreckage of the vehicle driven by the at­-fault driver, the police found empty beer cans and a partially-­full can.

Execution of a search warrant at the bar he had left minutes prior to the crash revealed surveillance footage of the two men arriving, being served alcohol, then leaving.

Testimony was obtained that immediately prior to impact the at­-fault driver had dropped his cellular telephone in the passenger compartment of the car and was looking for it on the floor.

After prolonged litigation, the case settled.

We have experience prosecuting wrongful death actions. We can help the personal representative and other family members navigate the inevitable legal hurdles which are thrust upon the family at an otherwise difficult time.

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