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At the Court of Appeals: 

Schuessler v Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids, et al.

In this action for violation of the Michigan Whistleblowers’ Protection Act, Plaintiff was employed as a Family Service Counselor with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids. 

When assigned to replace a co-worker who had been suspended for stealing gasoline from Holy Cross cemetery, Plaintiff discovered and reported to a public body his grander scheme to embezzle from the Diocese.

According to public reports, the man Plaintiff reported was Kent County Commissioner Michael Jay Wawee, Jr. In late November of 2014, Mr. Wawee pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

On December 1, 2014, an uncle of Mr. Wawee began his new job as Director of Cemeteries. Two weeks later Plaintiff was fired. 

Mr. Wawee was permitted to plead guilty. Surprising for such a massive fraud, he was sentenced in Kent County Circuit Court to only one year in the County jail. 

Moreover, with the cooperation of the Kent County Sheriff, Mr. Wawee was permitted to serve his sentence in a work release program under which he could leave the jail each day and go about his business.

Mr. Wawee was also afforded the additional benefit of reducing his jail term by three months if he continued to work with the Diocese to help determine how much money he had stolen.

Plaintiff has alleged corruption, a retaliatory firing and a cover-up.

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